Year Long Pet Dental Savings!

2013-Dental-Cleanings-15percent-off-500x500At RiverWoods Pet Hospital, we recommend yearly oral examinations and dental cleanings. Our dental cleanings include general anesthesia and ultrasonic scaling and polishing of the teeth. Because your pet will undergo general anesthesia, bloodwork and urine analysis might be recommended for their safety. The veterinarian might also recommend therapies such as IV Fluids and special anesthetics for your pet. Following the dental cleaning, extractions, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain medication may be recommended for your pet depending on the condition of your pet’s oral health.

Taking care of your pet’s oral health at home consists of regular brushing, dental chews and treats and sometimes even a prescription diet or a special treatment you can add to your pet’s drinking water. A veterinarian can specially tailor an oral health regimen for your pet.

Dental disease can be life threatening, and has been linked to heart, kidney and lung disease, as well as bladder infections. So keeping your pet’s teeth healthy can help keep their entire body healthy! We are offering a special yearly discount for 2013 to help you maintain your pet’s oral health. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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