Vacationing With Your Dog


For many of us, a vacation isn’t really a vacation unless our dog comes too. He’s part of the family, and we do love sharing the good times with him. Here are some guidelines to having a great time on vacation with your dog.

Always have your dog’s identification up to date. He should be microchipped, and have a current identification tag. If he has any health conditions, include these details on a tag on his collar. It’s not a bad idea to take a current photo of your dog so if he does get lost, you can use the photo instead of a description on your “lost” posters.

When choosing a vacation venue, make sure there are activities he can share in. Perhaps there’s an off leash beach, or a trail walk he can hike with you. It’s not ideal to make the effort to take your dog with you, then have to leave him behind when you go on outings.

If you’re renting a house for your vacation, check the fencing carefully for any gaps your dog could squeeze through.  If you are camping, bring his crate so he’s safe when you’re not keeping an eye on him.

Make sure you check out where the nearest vet is located, and when they’re open. If they don’t provide out of hours emergency services, you’ll also need to find out details of the emergency clinic should you need it. We all know dogs seem to need a vet at the least convenient times. If your dog has specific dietary needs, you’ll either need to take along enough food for him for your entire vacation, or make sure you can buy that food in your holiday town.

Before you go on vacation, find out what disease risks your dog may be exposed to while you’re away. Some regions have ticks which can spread Lyme disease; other regions will have mosquitoes which can transmit canine heartworm. You can take steps to make sure that your dog doesn’t become infected, and your vet will be able to help you with this. It goes without saying that if your dog takes any prescription medication, you need to take enough to last the duration of your vacation. If you should run out, your vet may be able to fax a prescription to the local vet, but it’s good if you can avoid this inconvenience.

There’s nothing more fun than sharing your vacation with your dog: frolicking in the waves with him, or strolling together along a scenic bush trail. It’s good for both of you, and will improve your relationship with him.  By taking the time to plan ahead, you can avoid any problems, and fully relax and enjoy his company.

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