The Dangers of Internet Pharmacies

Let’s face it, in this upside-down economy we’re all trying to save a few pennies here and there. However, there are several reasons NOT to buy pet products from Internet pharmacies.

Manufacturers do NOT guarantee their products unless they are prescribed by and purchased from a licensed veterinarian. In fact, they don’t even sell their products to anyone but licensed veterinarians. This means that the origins of products available through Internet pharmacies are unknown.  In addition, the products may not be stored and shipped correctly and may be exposed to extreme temperatures which can often make the active ingredient in the medication ineffective.

All products sold by RiverWoods Pet Hospital are guaranteed by the manufacturer and are safe for your pet. We store them as instructed by the manufacturer to ensure efficacy. Our pricing is competitive and we can even price match some of our most popular products for you. We will even mail your medications to you for a nominal fee if it’s difficult for you to drop in to pick them up.  If you are interested in a product that we do not carry in our hospital, we are more than willing to substitute it with a similar product.

If you do choose to order prescription pet medications from online pharmacies like PetMeds, please keep in mind that we will never sign a prescription request without first discussing these dangers with you. Often times a diagnostic test is required prior to a prescription being filled. And most importantly, we want all of our clients to understand the dangers of buying from Internet pharmacies. It’s our way of providing the best care for our patients.

— Janni Kimble|RiverWoods Pet Hospital

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