The Benefits of Clicker Training


Clicker training is becoming a very popular way of teaching dogs to do what you want them to. Whether you are training your dog at home, or you go to a regular obedience class, this method will be beneficial to you and your dog.

1.    The sound of the click is very precise, so it allows you to identify exactly what you are rewarding. Compare how long it takes for you to say, “good dog” with the duration of a click. Your dog could stand, sit and turn around, all in the time it takes you to say those two words. A short sharp click will tell your dog which of those three behaviors has earned him the treat.

2.    There is no need for harsh handling, loud voices or check chains. This means that training sessions will be fun, and you’ll end up with a better  relationship with your dog.

3.    There’s no need for expensive equipment – a clicker costs less than $5, and it lasts for years. You can use your dog’s regular leash and collar, and the only other essential is some sort of reward.

4.    Clicker training is very forgiving if you accidentally click the wrong behavior. The worst that happens is that your dog gets a free reward. Compare this to using a check chain, for example. If your dog is corrected at the wrong time, he is being punished when he didn’t do anything wrong.

5.    Because clicker training is a positive training method, dogs often learn quicker than with other methods. If your boss was going to buy you lunch every time you completed your work properly, you’d be very quick to learn to get it right, wouldn’t you? Your dog is no different.

6.    Even  puppies are capable of learning through clicker training. You don’t need to wait until they are a particular age to start teaching them obedience. Their young minds will quickly learn using this method.

7.    Clicker training doesn’t take up too much time. Got five minutes before you go to work? That’s long enough for a quick training session with your dog, and he will definitely learn from it.

8.    Clicker training allows you to train your dog when he isn’t right next to you. This is very handy if you want to compete in dog sports such as agility, where it is an advantage for your dog to work away from you.

As you can see, there are many reasons clicker training is a good choice for training your dog. Grab a clicker, grab some treats and get clicking!

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