Ask Dr. Dobson: Rabbit Questions

Dr Dobson,

My family and I have a four-month old mini Rex rabbit, and I am looking around to find a vet in Utah valley with rabbit experience.  I have the following questions for you:

How long have you been practicing on exotics?
How many rabbits do you see in your facility in a month?
How many spay/neuters do you do on rabbits in a month?  What is the mortality rate of these procedures?
What is your opinion on rabbit spay/neuters (is it necessary, if so at what age, etc)?


Hello Mark

Those are all great questions. Dr. Dobson has had 25 years of veterinary experience with small and exotic animals.  We often examine rabbits for simple wellness exams and various other problems.

As all other species, rabbits are at risk while being under anesthesia. We have well trained veterinary technicians who monitor vital signs and adjust anesthesia levels accordingly to assure your pets safety.

Dr. Dobson has performed a number of rabbit spays and neuters. However, our Doctors at Riverwoods Pet Hospital would recommend bringing your pet in for wellness exam.  At this time we can go over recommendations and basic care according to your needs.

Please call to schedule an appointment with one of our receptionists at (801)224-2233.


RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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