Pet Massage by Kim

Friends in the Animal Biz: Pet Massage Therapy by Animal Massage Practitioner, Kim Novotny

A Little About Kim:

Kim is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Small Animal Massage Practitioner. She has twelve years of massage experience and close to forty years of owning, rescuing, connecting with and taking care of animals of all sizes, shapes and species.
Across the nation veterinarians, trainers and pet owners are starting to realize the importance of massage for animals. Massage is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary care, but rather a complimentary form of health care. Some of the benefits include: enhances quality of life; maintains and restores flexibility; increases circulation of blood, lymph and oxygen; increases muscle tone and use; induces relief from pain; aids in the grieving process; increases body awareness which helps with behavioral and training issues.
A typical massage session for a small animal lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and includes: opening (calming) strokes; a full body assessment (feeling for tight muscles and areas of restriction); warming up the muscles in the head, neck, back, legs and tail; positional release on areas of restriction; joint mobilization (no further than it
s limited range of motion); stretching and grounding strokes.
Kim is committed to offering her skills to help strengthen your pet’s body, mind and spirit through the healing powers of massage.

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