Pavlov, Skinner and Dogs

It is interesting to note that these two men whose research had a great impact on our understanding of dog learning and behavior were actually human doctors. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist whose main area of study was digestion. Part of his research involved measuring saliva production under various conditions, and part of his […]

Stop That Tugging!

Have you ever envied other dog owners that seem to have it so calm and collected on their walks? It’s safe to say that their dogs did not automatically come that way. Dogs must be taught to walk on a leash without pulling. Although it is easier to train your puppy, don’t despair if your […]

Types of Dogs

Dogs can be defined by the job they do, for example companion dogs are those that were bred to keep us company, and guard dogs were developed to protect their owners and their property. The American Kennel Club has taken these definitions further, and grouped dogs with similar purposes and temperaments together. This means that […]

Are You Prepared?

You may have an emergency pack ready for you and the kids, but did you remember your pets and their needs? Make sure to keep an Evac-Pack handy for your pet(s) in the case of an emergency. Things such as a pet first-aid kit, food, dishes, extra collar and leash, bottled water, photos of your […]

The Power of Together: Copilots (video)

Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. Watch the video and see… httpv://