Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Did you know children are the most common victims of dog bites? Discussing with your children appropriate ways to behave around dogs can make the difference between your child’s safety and a visit to the emergency room. A few tips to remember, never touch or play with a dog while he or she is eating, […]

Herbal Therapies for Pets

People have been using herbs as a treatment for illness since the earliest days of human history, and it’s only logical that this treatment modality should also be used for  our animals. How effective a herb is depends on many things – the part of the plant used, the age of the plant at harvest, […]

Penny Pinchers

Are the pet bills starting to climb? Keeping with the basics such as feeding quality food, litter for cats and providing good medical care for your pet can really make all the difference. Instead of getting the designer novelty bling and chew toys for your pet, put your dollars into those three basics and it […]

The Cutting Edge of New Dog Breeds

Creating a new registered dog breed isn’t easy. It takes years of dedication and hard work from people devoted to the breed. In many cases, the development of a new breed involves crossing two purebred dogs, in the hope that the offspring would have the most useful features of each. One example of this is […]

Polly Want A Cracker?

You may enjoy cooking with your bird, but did you know the kitchen can be one of the most dangerous places for your bird? Birds have an extra sensitivity to bad air quality due to their size whatever they inhale spreads throughout their body quickly and can damage vital organs. Some dangers to birds in […]