Dr. Dobson Reviews New Oral Hygiene Dog Product – Orapup

February is Pet Dental Month, and here Dr. Dobson discusses  a new dog product to help with your dog’s dental and oral hygiene. Watch and learn how this new product called Orapup, can keep your dog’s mouth healthy, fresh, clean and odor free. It’s easy to use and dogs love it!


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  1. I love the tongue brush for my dogs. However, the Lickies are horrible, and I paid for extra Lickies (a waste of money). The stuff smells worse than any dog breath ever. I brush my dogs’ teeth, but I am using another product on the tongue cleaner. And yes! Some healthy dogs have bad breath. I have standard poodles and they are known for bad breath. Long snout dogs quite often have bad breath. One of mine has the worst breath every. He had his teeth cleaned at the vet office yesterday and he is only two years old. Once his pain and swelling is gone from the dental procedure, I will continue to brush his teeth and use tooth wipes to clean his gums

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