Treating Dog Poisoning

A veterinarian will treat many cases of poisoning in dogs over the course of a year. While some cases will be, unfortunately, malicious, the vast majority of cases are accidental. In most cases, the effects of any particular poison are dose dependent. In other words, the more poison a dog is exposed to, the worse […]

The Cutting Edge of New Dog Breeds

Creating a new registered dog breed isn’t easy. It takes years of dedication and hard work from people devoted to the breed. In many cases, the development of a new breed involves crossing two purebred dogs, in the hope that the offspring would have the most useful features of each. One example of this is […]

Pavlov, Skinner and Dogs

It is interesting to note that these two men whose research had a great impact on our understanding of dog learning and behavior were actually human doctors. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist whose main area of study was digestion. Part of his research involved measuring saliva production under various conditions, and part of his […]

Rare and Ancient Dog Breeds

Over the years, man has developed a variety of dog breeds, with each one designed for a specific purpose. Many breeds with common characteristics share common ancestors. The Molosser is an ancient dog that has contributed to a number of modern day breeds. The Molossian people lived in ancient Greece, and they kept a particular […]

The Alpha Dog – Myth or Fact

For many years, dominance theory and the alpha dog concept has been used to explain dog behavior. This theory basically says that dogs have a very linear pack structure, with the alpha dog, or pack leader, at the top of the hierarchy and all other pack members below them, like rungs on a ladder. Each […]