Ask Dr. Dobson: Tri-Heart Plus Perscription

Hello, I brought my two puppies in on January 8th 2011 (Ruger and Trio) for their shots and we also purchased Tri-Heart Medium 6 month prescription.  We were hoping to refill this online since it is more cost effective but it says that a prescription is required.  If we enter in your contact information do […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Snake Mites

Will you guys help me treat my snake to get rid of mites I got some stuff that is suppose to help from the pet store but it isn’t helping.  She still has them and more keeps showing up. Hello We are familiar with snakes and treatment of mites. We do require an exam before […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Rat Mammary Tumor

Hello, I came here from a link on the Rat Fan Club page because my 2 year old female rat has a mammary tumor, and I was wondering if you removed them, and how much that may cost. I realize a visit and exam would be necessary for you to determine the final cost, but […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Sun Conure Toenails

Hello Dr. Dobson, I’ve been noticing lately that my Sun Conure has one toenail on each foot that is curling under at an abnormal angle, even though they have been recently trimmed.  It doesn’t seem to be an issue for her now, but I’m concerned that as they grow longer it will affect her perching […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Dandruff in a Black Cat

I have a very healthy indoor black cat that has had dandruff all his life since we adopted him 2 years ago. He does not itch or scratch, grooms himself normally but it is getting embarrassing when guests ask what his problem is! Hello That is a great question! Things to be considered are the […]