Ask Dr. Dobson: Yorkie/Chihuahua Mix w/ Swollen Eye, Diarrhea

My 1 yr. old yorkie/chihuahua mix woke up with a swollen eye and has thrown up some yellow bile this morning.  She seems very down and we are concerned. She had a small amount of diarrhea. Hello It is our recommendation, to you, that your pet be examined by a licensed veterinarian, especially if the […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Cat Vaccinations

Hello! I was just wondering what your prices are for cat vaccinations, we just got a kitten and are wanting to keep her healthy, but we are college students without much money.  Please let me know! Thank you. Hello Congratulations on your new kitten!! New pets are new expenses and we are here to help.  […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Chinese Water Dragon w/ Broken Leg

I have a Chinese Water Dragon and I’m pretty sure he broke his left front leg.  It looks like he has two elbows or something.  What can I do to help him? Hello If you feel like your pets leg is broken, it needs to be seen by a licensed veterinarian.  At the time of […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Cat Euthanasia

I have a seven year old cat who keeps getting anal gland infections, I have been unemployed since January and I can’t afford the cost of surgery, or to get his glands expected and given antibiotic every couple of months.  I don’t think I can deal with the cat anymore and I am considering putting […]

Ask Dr. Dobson: Bearded Dragons

We just got a second bearded dragon and I’m just kinda concerned about our first beardie… She or he didn’t eat a lot and now her poo is kinda runny. I’m just worried if this could be because we just brought home another beardie or if it could be something else… Hello Our recommendation to […]