Ask Dr. Dobson: Tri-Heart Plus Perscription

Hello, I brought my two puppies in on January 8th 2011 (Ruger and Trio) for their shots and we also purchased Tri-Heart Medium 6 month prescription.  We were hoping to refill this online since it is more cost effective but it says that a prescription is required.  If we enter in your contact information do you have a perspiration from our visit in January on file that you could fax to VetRXDirect?

Thanks for your help,


Hello Helyn

Yes, we do have that on file. A prescription is required for this medication.  You will request the refill and they will fax us the request for authorization.  At that time, our doctor will authorize the prescription, or decline as she sees necessary.  Our fax number is 801.802.0306

Thank you
RiverWoods Pet Hospital.

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