Ask Dr. Dobson: Sneezing Dog

Hi my dog lately for the past two days has been sneezing alot he did go to daycare and a groomer they said he was late on his kennel cough shot they said they thought he would be ok so im not sure if thats the problem or if he just has alergies but i cant afford to come in if its just something little what should I do?


The excessive sneezing could potentially turn into something serious. It is concerning that your dog went to facility with a lot of other dogs and a non-current bordetella vaccine. If a dog has kennel cough, it often has a dry raspy cough. However, there are other upper respiratory infections that are contagious. There is, as you mentioned a possibility of allergies.

Unfortunately we cannot dispense any medications or give recommendations of ‘over-the-counter- medications with out having seen your dog for an exam.  Watch closely for any green/yellow nose or eye discharge. Also, look for excess wetness of the nares. These symptoms can be an indication of an early upper respiratory infection.  If symptoms persist and do not resolve, it is recommended that you bring your dog in for an exam.

Thank you and Good luck

RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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