Ask Dr. Dobson: Re: our chicken

We have a beautiful white silky rooster with a big tumor on his neck.  I thought it was an abscess from being pecked and tried to drain it.  Not much fluid came out and it looks more solid, like a tumor.  He seems fine otherwise, eating, drinking, etc.  My question is — would this be something I should have treated — would it be worth it?  My husband is not great on spending money for chickens.  Is my rooster probably going to die?  Any advice you can give me would be great.

Thank you–


Hello Kathy

The abnormal growth should be seen by a veterinarian.  After being examined our doctor can give you a better idea of what it is and what can be done to be treated. Also, at that time, our Doctor can give an estimate of what may be done to help your rooster.

Without seeing the extensiveness of the growth/tumor, we are unable to tell what effect this may have on your rooster.  Whether or not treating your rooster is worth it,  that is certainly a personal decision.

Please call for an appointment at your convenience.

RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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