Ask Dr. Dobson: Rat Mammary Tumor


I came here from a link on the Rat Fan Club page because my 2 year old female rat has a mammary tumor, and I was wondering if you removed them, and how much that may cost. I realize a visit and exam would be necessary for you to determine the final cost, but I just took her in today to the Wasatch Exotic Pet Care today, and they quoted $300 dollars for removal of the tumor, which is way outside of my budget. I was also wondering: if removal isn’t an option, because of cost, are there drugs or hormones that could stop the growth of the tumor or shrink it? As it is, it isn’t affecting her mobility, but she’s starting to get a little thin, which worries me about how much longer I can let her go without surgery.

Thank you,

Hello Danica,

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, this is a procedure our doctor performs on a regular basis. An exam would be necessary for us to determine the cost of the tumor removal.  $250-$300 is about average for this type of surgery, but depending upon the location and size of the tumor cost will vary.

There are oral medications that can be given to help with the inflammation and help your pet be more comfortable.  Again, in order for us to prescribe these medications, your rat will need to be seen by our veterinarian.

The weight loss of your rat is concerning. It is our recommendations that you bring her in for an exam.  At the time of the exam, our doctor can better recommend treatment options.

Please call to make an appointment at your convenience at 801-224-2233.

Thank you

RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff


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