Ask Dr. Dobson: My Iguana

I own a 3 year old green iguana and I am just curious on what signs should I look for if i suspect she is gravid? If you could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

Hello Deven

Signs of a gravid green iguana consist of the following:

Loss of appetite, restlessness, water consumption increase, thicker urates and smaller bowel movements. You will also notice behavioral changes. Previously aggressive iguanas may be more receptive to petting. However,  previously calm iguanas may become more irritable and aggressive when being handled.  As this process progresses, you will notice thinning of the hips and tail and broadening of the abdomen. The gravid green iguana will burrow so may also notice digging/burrowing behaviors.

This being said, the above stated symptoms can also be due to other illnesses or diseases in the iguana. Our recommendation to you is a physical exam by a veterinarian.  At this time, x-rays may be indicated to further diagnose your suspicion.

Thank you

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