Ask Dr. Dobson: Matted Cat

I have a long haired cat and was unable to brush her regularly. Now her fur is severely matted. I was wondering if your staff can either cut the matted fur off or shave it and how much it would cost.


Long haired cats do require a lot grooming. If you are unable to brush your cat daily and your cat does become severely matted, We do have a groomer here at RiverWoods.  Some cats require sedation before grooming, due to the stress.  Because sedation may have to be used, we would certainly need to preform a physical exam on your pet before giving in medications.

Our groomer, Judy, has several years of experience with grooming and would be able groom your cat by full shave or lion cut if your cat is severely matted.

Please call to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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