Ask Dr. Dobson: Lab vaccinations

I have a 12 week black lab that is due for her third vaccination.  I noticed that the vaccination she has been recieving is a 5-way. I was wondering if she should have been recieving a 7 or 8 way vaccine. I have no firm plans but would like to be taking her out of state for tests/trials and hunts.  If she would benefit from these, can I stack 3 morewithout problem from duplication in three week intervals?



Thank you for your email.  Usually for puppies they receive a 5 way vaccine when they are around 6 weeks old.  Then 3-4 weeks later they get the 5 way distemper and a bordetella vaccine.  3-4 weeks after that they get their last bordetella and their last 5 way distemper.  Then they get their rabies at around 4 months old and then they won’t need any vaccines for a whole year.  However if you’re planning on taking him into the woods, we highly recommend getting him vaccinated for lyme and giardia, but they are completely separate from the 5 way distemper vaccination.  The lyme and giardia is given when the puppy is around 6 months old and then they are both boosted 3-4 weeks later.  After that, they receive both vaccines just once every year to keep them protected.  If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to email us back or call the hospital here at (801) 224-2233.  Thanks again for your time.

Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson

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