Ask Dr. Dobson: Khan and Perl – Chasing and Peepee

Hi Dr. Dobson

We have three indoor house cats. We brought them all in for shots and a checkup in January this year. We’re having problems with Khan – our new baby.

Khan is about 8 months old now. He was fixed when he was about 4 months old. Khan chases Perl (our very plump, lazy, Siamese mix) almost constantly. Perl has peed on our couch 3 times since we adopted Khan (over a 4 month period of time). Is there a way for us to stop Khan from chasing Perl? I’m sure she will quit peeing on the couch if he leaves her alone – she has never done this before. We were hoping it would get better as he grew up a little, but he is still very dominant with Perl (and Alpha too, but he doesn’t care).

They are all eating Blue Buffalo Indoor cat food and appear to be healthy – clear eyes and shiny fur – and nutty.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.


Hello Paige

It sounds like Kahn is having some behavioral issues and is bullying your other cats.  This is not uncommon in young, very active kittens. The concern is the underlying reason for this behavior. It is recommended by our veterinarian to call and schedule and appointment where she can futher consult with you.  At this time, Dr. Dobson will be able to give you suggestions and discuss with you potential reasons he may be doing this.

On a secondary note, It was also be appropriate to bring Perl for a wellness exam. Inappropriate urination can be due to stress, but there may also be some urinary infections.

Please call to schedule an appointment at your convenience at (801)224-2233.

Thank you

RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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