Ask Dr. Dobson: Dandruff in a Black Cat

I have a very healthy indoor black cat that has had dandruff all his life since we adopted him 2 years ago. He does not itch or scratch, grooms himself normally but it is getting embarrassing when guests ask what his problem is!


That is a great question! Things to be considered are the age of your cat, environment (indoor/outdoor), the diet being offered, and how often he is being brushed in assistance to his self-grooming.  Other things to question are the condition of his teeth and body weight, does he seem to have a hard time grooming himself?

There are several things that can cause a poor coat quality in your pet. We would recommend you schedule your cat in for an exam with our doctor because of the extended amount of time your cat has had dandruff.  There can be underlying disease processes in your cat that you may not be aware of without discussing this with a veterinarian.

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RiverWoods Pet Hospital Staff

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