Ask Dr. Dobson: Cat Vaccinations


I was just wondering what your prices are for cat vaccinations, we just got a kitten and are wanting to keep her healthy, but we are college students without much money.  Please let me know!

Thank you.


Congratulations on your new kitten!! New pets are new expenses and we are here to help.  An exam will be required for your kitten and depending on how old your kitten is, will depend on what vaccines need to be given.  The initial exam is $40.00.  Vaccines are priced as follows, scheduled accordingly.

6-8 weeks  FVRCP   $22.00

9-12 weeks FVRCP  $22.00
FELV     $22.00

12-15 weeks FVRCP $22.00
FELV:  $22.00
Rabies:  $16.50

To try to keep costs down for pet owners, we offer vaccine clinics on Wed. and Sat. that you can come to for booster vaccines after the first exam.  Please let us know if we can help you with any other information.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon at Riverwoods Pet Hospital.

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