Meet the Staff

Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson DVM

DSC_0227.JPG Yoeny 300x400Dr. Yoeny Calas-Dobson, owner and founder of RiverWoods Pet Hospital. Dr. Dobson’s main specialty is with avians, exotics and reptiles. She has practiced veterinary medicine and surgery since 1985.

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Dr. Heather E. Nemanic DVM

Dr Heather E NemanicDr. Heather E. Nemanic DVM likes horses, riding, drawing, painting, movies, books (scifi), Equine veterinary medicine - specifically dentistry, lameness, internal medicine, and acupuncture.

Lindsey Porter - Practice Manager

Lindsey is a self proclaimed Army Brat who moved around until she was 8 and settled down in Orem. She loves outdoor sports, singing, reading and power tumbling. She graduated from Orem high in 2008. A year later she started the Veterinary technician program at Broadview University. She was placed at Riverwoods Pet Hospital for her externship and was hired on as a full time technician.

Allison Nance - Lead Technician

Allison NanceAllison has been a technician at Riverwoods for the last 3 years. She is originally from Northern California but went to school in Southern California. She studied Biology at San Diego State University before obtaining her Veterinary Technician degree from Mesa College in San Diego. During her schooling, she was an intern at the San Diego Zoo where she got to work with lions, tigers and bears, but her favorite animals were the larger hoof-stock such as water buffalo, giraffes and antelopes. Allison has a zoo of her own at home. She owns 2 dogs, a Great Dane and a pit-bull mix, 3 cats, 2 tortoises, 26 chickens and a horse. Her favorite animals to work with at Riverwoods are tortoises and chickens. In her spare time Allison enjoys horseback riding, hiking with her dogs, teaching swim lessons and spending time with her family. Riverwoods is the best place for Allison to get experience with both small animals and exotics as her goal is to work at a zoo someday.

Kim Clark - Veterinary Technician

Kim Bio Pic 125x125Kim graduated from Broadview University with an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology, and passed the National Veterinary Technician Exam in November 2012. Kim is a local girl who has always had a great love for animals; she has a soft heart when it comes to them, that’s why her house can be considered a zoo. Kim has three dogs, three cats, a hamster, and let’s not forget the human animals, three boys, three girls, and one husband. Kim will also be continuing her education, seeking a diploma in message therapy, to offer even more to the animals she loves.

Bree Lee - Office Manager/Vet Tech

Bree has lived in the Orem/Provo area her entire life. She previously worked at the animal shelter where her love for animals grew even greater. Bree had been a long time client of Riverwoods and was very excited to be able to join the Riverwoods family as an employee. Bree and her husband have a dog, a cat, and a ferret. Her dog Zoey can regularly be seen playing in our dog daycare center out back. Bree helps out with local organizations to promote pet adoptions and other animal events.

LeeAnn Oostveen - Kennel Manager/Vet Tech

LeeAnn grew up in a small town in southern Utah. She has lived in the Orem area for the last 6 years. LeeAnn has always loved animals and has aspired to work in the veterinary field. LeeAnn is the proud owner of 2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 chickens, 30 snakes, 15 rats, a guinea pig and a hedgehog. LeeAnns 5 year old daughter shares her love for animals whose favorite animal is the 6 foot boa. LeeAnn has been with Riverwoods for 2 years and is currently going to school to be a Veterinary Technician.