Heat Wave Pet Safety

With most of the country suffering with triple digit temperatures, staying cool and hydrated is important, not only for you but for your pets also. The ASPCA issued the following warning and guidelines on how to protect your pets from the extreme heat during these dangerously high temperatures. Here are the ASPCA’s hot weather tips: Dogs […]

Lazarus Had His First Exam at Riverwoods Pet Hospital!

A couple of months ago, the Bingham family rescued a frozen lifeless kitten and “brought it back from the dead.” His rescue was recorded on video and put on YouTube where it quickly went viral. Naming him “Lazarus”, he quickly became a “celebrity”, being featured on news channels and social media throughout the world. Now […]

Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is a popular natural therapy for animals that is also used to treat many different conditions. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that believes that the body’s vital energy, or Qi force, flows throughout the body in channels. Blockage of these channels leads to the symptoms of disease. Stimulating specific points […]

Treating Dog Poisoning

A veterinarian will treat many cases of poisoning in dogs over the course of a year. While some cases will be, unfortunately, malicious, the vast majority of cases are accidental. In most cases, the effects of any particular poison are dose dependent. In other words, the more poison a dog is exposed to, the worse […]

February is Pet Dental Month

Our fuzzy companions require the same dental procedures we do in order to maintain their oral health and prevent periodontal disease. What you should know about Periodontal Disease in pets: Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissue surrounding the teeth. There are several progressive stages of the disease. Periodontal disease is caused by a […]